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AINTEROL Natural Products USA,Inc. is registered to Lewes, DE, USA. Manufacturer of Food & Dietary Supplements (capsules, powder etc.) and Cosmetics (creams, lotions etc.). AINTEROL brandname was established in 2002 . Since day one we engineered several custom made products to other brands. We supplied raw material to several manufacturers around the world. We still supply wide range of custom brands. Our team of professionals consist of over 600 people around the world.


AINTEROL brandname was brought to daylight more and more in 2006. Aggressive development to use natural ingredients and production methods was a priority no.1 since day one. Our statement was very clear : No propylene glycol or silicones. Ever since our main goal was to invest to research & development to find out advanced alternative production methods instead of using cheap chemical ingredients.



Products are FREE of known carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), mutagens (causing cell mutations - cancer), teratogens (causing birth defects), reproductive toxins (male & female infertility), developmental toxins (hazardous to an unborn child) and skin/sense organ toxicants.

We ship packages from Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and US. Our main centers will decide the best way to ship your package fastest possible way without backorders (even during holidays). We use 1st Class Registered Airmail to ship all packages.